Mason Cult Short Poems


A Reaper.

A reaper standing on a high river bank with the old arches of the bridge behind the figure and the deep flowing river behind , also a deep starlit night-time sky when the moon did its optimum gravity pulling upon the seas and minds , the mother ship firing her pods as darts into the earth that surrounds the alien village on a deserted winters evening.

The Falsery of the Relative .

They didn’t miss you they were in their own world as if you were dead it is relative to you but works upon false emotions as it falls from the sky crystal clear as light as a new day the relative cold and gone as if love is just a word and faces were only in mirrors of similarity so we are but a faded cry in a constant hail of the wind the spirits were disappointed . For mason cult the last one to go on if it is any good.

Author: Mason Cult Poet

Mason Cult Poet was born in Westmorland in the Lake District in a farming engineering community. On one side of the family many portions of nobility mainly the Stuarts. Mason Cult did as the herd does and went through the education process. attended drama school and ran small businesses. The stigma of mental health issues blighted him as it does with all creative people, was diagnosed in 2011 with a form of Asperger’s Syndrome which can impair executive function however it has given him a higher sense to see what others do not and from this ability he concludes the world is controlled by esoteric forces and that other interventions operate steering the world we know ro a new beginning.. What we witness we are forced to challenge and the work of Mason Cult assists this

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