Nation Beware

Nation beware of the local political doctors, the deciders of the rationing of treatment begins, let’s take private dentists as an example, let me point to overriding NHS dentistry, once again they say that they are short of P.P.E equipment or none at all.

Are they as private providers in a better position to supply this, if you are one of the many NHS patients allowed to sit with the private patients on the list, one is told you cannot have essential treatment.  What of the private plan client are they allowed treatment.

A grey area, citizens of totalitarian Britain. We have a group of veiled Nazis in government but let them not forget the vote, both Tory and Labour can’t do without each other when it comes to political power, they and the increasing power of local authority control and the middle class busy bodies on community engagement forums, they are the new Mr and Mrs Bumbles poking their way into decanting community spy information and helping dinner party doctors in making the list of who in virus lock down world lives or dies. A sad world.

If the virus came from anywhere then it came from more than one country and more than one facility it could be termed as professional, medico societal, political, correctional murder.  The balance of the populations higher masonic I suggest are involved at every professional level, but sworn to threatening secrecy the poor and vulnerable are not offered an opinion. They are but a wiped morticians register board this government blatantly issued a media statement to the public, saying be prepared for the passing of many in the communities. But the poor are still too many, too many for the voices to be silenced . Boris Johnson is a media construct helped by Dominic Cummings and it is just a question of time before the whole deck of cards comes down and believe me there will be much much anger.

Author: Mason Cult Poet

Mason Cult Poet was born in Westmorland in the Lake District in a farming engineering community. On one side of the family many portions of nobility mainly the Stuarts. Mason Cult did as the herd does and went through the education process. attended drama school and ran small businesses. The stigma of mental health issues blighted him as it does with all creative people, was diagnosed in 2011 with a form of Asperger’s Syndrome which can impair executive function however it has given him a higher sense to see what others do not and from this ability he concludes the world is controlled by esoteric forces and that other interventions operate steering the world we know ro a new beginning.. What we witness we are forced to challenge and the work of Mason Cult assists this

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