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Fear of the Hour.

Fear over rules as it does, fear of the second, fear of the minute, fear of the hour, fear of this day and unknown fear of our mortality and the place it has in our very own hearts. Mind the future of thought, as it diminishes. as we become less thoughtless and more contemplative of this very nature. Within man the animal. We are part of it all in various degrees who gave us emotions to hard to handle that lead us to the silence of a stoic path and all its miserable nature.


Exodus to the planets through the pilots of kundalini, you know you must go and soon is that day of exit from ever troubled earth, so locked in rotating demise in a poised atomic state we cannot warn you as our minds have run out of care aptitude.

We have an odd angle of approach and must catch the trajectory of corrections or we the adepts will be trapped also and this implicates upon our now weary ability to set down and create other life on other planets of greater potential than your troubled earth.

We will in but a few days form a circle, all seven of us in the middle of this energy we will bring our measured breathing to bare. The serpent will wrap around our very souls from the centric crescent moon of wisdom. This serpent will climb curling to the heart centre emanation it will be the crown chakra, our band of warmth will kiss over the brows upon our foreheads, we will leave our earth bodies and on we go to get to our new bodies upon a new planet of sanctuary and relief we now are ready let us go Exodus has arrived.

Gordon Oh My Gordon

Oh the Brown model, God chancellor again missing the point, write off the debt of the suffering thousand they didn’t ask you for Covid 19 and they did not ask for basic dental health plans post pandemic, that is the start of NHS dentistry crumbling not free for the poor at the point of need. We can almost see the rollercoaster of privatisation gathering speed sneaky Tory time again “never mind lad they’re not working class now” said a Tory MP in the Commons bar during trebles all round. they should be pleased to pay, watch this space says Warrior of Poetry.

Author: Mason Cult Poet

Mason Cult Poet was born in Westmorland in the Lake District in a farming engineering community. On one side of the family many portions of nobility mainly the Stuarts. Mason Cult did as the herd does and went through the education process. attended drama school and ran small businesses. The stigma of mental health issues blighted him as it does with all creative people, was diagnosed in 2011 with a form of Asperger’s Syndrome which can impair executive function however it has given him a higher sense to see what others do not and from this ability he concludes the world is controlled by esoteric forces and that other interventions operate steering the world we know ro a new beginning.. What we witness we are forced to challenge and the work of Mason Cult assists this

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