There Will Come A Time & Child of Disharmony

There will come a time when those in the inhabited world will have to forsake the machines known as cars and lorries the world is tired, but cannot tell you, me, or anyone unless you break through Kundalini height’s you will not hear mother earth groan.

Whilst turning this time an impasse will occur, those with much will have nought they will be made to think there will be a warning an opening of the sky, dark auras will hover over metal, in its polluting form a new order of transportation will be administered.

Other intelligence will be involved cosmic masters, some will arrive and therefore be designated to temporarily assist to etheric aura and travel you upon earth re-route your minds.

You and your scientists cooperate forsake your ways of old, you will be quick and your roads will be empty your matter, as all matter will reconstitute at the hours needed. You will survive earth man  but only by a whisker to live another day thank the lords of karma all your life for these new mind patterns.

Child of Disharmony

Child of disharmony and desolation in the wasted land without love ? or warmth waiting in vein, baring the pain. Your life mislaid sidetracked in wrong roads and no roads, I can see the hill we have to climb but well keep sliding down back again the human race is a disgrace, for it lets neglect time after time in selfishness’ and self aggrandisement, lovers of appearance full of front.


Author: Mason Cult Poet

Mason Cult Poet was born in Westmorland in the Lake District in a farming engineering community. On one side of the family many portions of nobility mainly the Stuarts. Mason Cult did as the herd does and went through the education process. attended drama school and ran small businesses. The stigma of mental health issues blighted him as it does with all creative people, was diagnosed in 2011 with a form of Asperger’s Syndrome which can impair executive function however it has given him a higher sense to see what others do not and from this ability he concludes the world is controlled by esoteric forces and that other interventions operate steering the world we know ro a new beginning.. What we witness we are forced to challenge and the work of Mason Cult assists this

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